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Experts in non-verbal communication, we provide professional development training, body language analysis, statement analysis, and speak at events.

Body Language Audit

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 My Alcomy's Body Language Audit

Are you sending the right signals to your audience, students or employees?

  1. Send My Alcomy a video recording of yourself within your role–presenting, teaching, acting.

  2. We'll review the communication signals that you convey to others, looking to see what you're already good at and where you can improve, to send the right messaging.

  3. We'll meet (in person or via internet conferencing technology) to deliver your in-depth written report and to talk it through.

Invest in yourself and elevate your success

Even if you're already fabulous and successful, there's always room for improvement. We'll tell you what you're doing right and the reasons why those behaviours are important. We'll suggest tweaks to your body language and voice that will take you to the next level. Making sure you have a good understanding of the psychology behind them. 

  • Are your words and behaviours in alignment, do you look authentic?

  • Are you conveying confidence, credibility, competence, authority and empathy?

  • Do your actions elicit trust, connection and comfort? 

  • Are you engaging and influential, do you feel heard, can you command and retain attention?

We'll make sure you're giving the right nonverbal signals, to elicit trust, build connection, engage your audience, appear confident and competent. More importantly, we'll help you to control your nonverbal communication cues, so that they are always appropriate for the situation and environment that you find yourself in. 

We'll give you a report and talk it through, suggesting ways to improve (even if you're already awesome). If you're getting it wrong and need extra help, we can coach you until you've got it. 

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 'alcomy' an ancient Scottish tongue variant (16th c.), OF. alcamiealkemie, etc., alchemy.]


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