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Yahoo News: Body Language Experts Reveal Borce Ristevski Lied about Killing his Wife

When Karen Ristevski went missing in 2016, it was apparent, from reading her husband’s body language, that he, Borce Ristevski, had killed her. Borce’s nonverbal behaviour at a press conference, revealed all the secret signals to give away his guilt and emotion. Three years later, Borce Ristevski was convicted of killing his wife Karen and is currently serving a nine years sentence.

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Gable Tostee Reveals what he was Carrying after Warriena Wright fell Fourteen Storeys to her Death

After receiving almost fifty emails regarding my analysis of Gable Tostee, I’ve completed a follow-up analysis, in which, I uncover new evidence answering the question, What was Gable Tostee carrying in his hand after Warriena Wright fell to her death from his fourteenth storey apartment?

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Gable Tostee Reveals his Guilt in Warriena Wrights Death

A recent request to analyse Gable Tostee’s behaviour and statements from a 60 Minutes interview with Liam Bartlett, led me through an emotional journey of surprise, contempt, sadness, disgust and anger–almost all of the universal expressions of emotion. How could this case have ended up with an acquittal?

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Lloyd Rayney: Truth or Lies? Are his Words and Behaviours Aligned?

Last week a client asked me if I'd ever blogged about Lloyd Rayney, a prominent Perth Barrister, who in 2010 was charged with the murder of his wife (2007). He was found 'not guilty' in 2012. I'm not too familiar with the case as I didn't pay much attention to it at the time; back then I lived in the UK and later, on the other side of Australia, in Sydney. From what little I had heard, since moving to Perth a year ago, I assumed Lloyd Rayney was guilty. This was largely based on public consensus in Perth, though I don't directly recall any conversations about the case, so most likely I've been swayed by the media.

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What the Media Missed in the Karen Ristevski Case; The Single Nonverbal Cue that Points Towards the Truth

I check the news every morning to see if there's anything interesting to write about. I'm usually looking for nonverbal cues that have specific meaning, usually those that contradict the spoken word and point towards deception. These cues are the most reliable and give us insight into the reality of the situation; the truth. My mission is to educate you. To give you so many examples of these cues that you start to notice them in the people around you. So that you are better able to understand the true feelings of others, which allows you to formulate a more appropriate response, ultimately improving your interactions and relationships.

One of the news topics I'm always on the lookout for, is the case of Karen Ristevski, who disappeared from her home in Melbourne, Australia, earlier this year. Today's news brought this case to the headlines once again, after little mention of it for several months. The reason I've been so interested in this case, is down to a single nonverbal cue, displayed by Borce Ristevski, Karen's husband, back in July. Ever since then, I've been waiting to hear the outcome of this case, because to me, it's glaringly obvious that Borce is hiding the truth. And it's all down to one single nonverbal cue.

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Rozelle Blast- Adeel Khan found guilty: His nonverbal cues indicate deception, as he denies allegations.

These two nonverbal cues can be seen in video footage of Adeel Khan, who today, was found guilty of deliberately setting the convenience store alight and murdering the man who lived upstairs. Khan pleaded not guilty to all charges. In this video, (at approx. 45 seconds) Khan's blink rate increases to 100 blinks per minute, in response to the question, "Mr Khan, I'll ask you, did you burn down the property?". There's a clear distinction between blink rate before and after the question. 

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