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The single thing that's crucial for job interview success...

At your next job interview, important interaction or when meeting people the first time, leverage from this innate characteristic, that's universal across all people, regardless of culture. When you switch your thinking and use this characteristic as an opportunity, you can disproportionally sway the perception of the interviewers. They will view you more positively, increasing your chance for job interview success. Hone your interview skills with our Perth events–Interview with Impact for Job Interview Success.

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Elevate your Success with Six Tips to Make a Killer First Impression

First Impressions are Formed Within Seconds

Research shows that first impressions are formed within seconds of seeing somebody–before we even speak–these impressions are lasting. If the impression is good, it has a halo effect, and any performance after this is enhanced by the initial positive perception of the person. If the first impression is bad, any performance after this, no matter how good, is tainted with the initial perception. 

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