Australian Politics: Malcolm Turnbull demonstrates gravity defying behaviour.

We've mentioned gravity defying behaviours before- when we experience positive emotions, various parts of our body defy gravity and point upwards. Here's another good example of how it can look. This video snippet, again, taken from the political arena. 

In a recent interview Malcolm Turnbull defies gravity several times, as he mentions positive outcomes. He elevates his whole body by raising up on his toes. Watch the video footage to see him elevate as he mentions:

1. "Pathology Australia have announced that they will continue bulk billing..."

2. "Their patients will continue to be bulk billed and won't pay any more."

3. "The saving will continue..."

4. " Sussan Ley has described..."

5. "The important thing, is that the patients will not pay any more..."

He's feeling genuinely positive about these developments.