ABC Radio Perth: The Body Language of Touch, Personal Space and Joe Biden's Apology

Yesterday I was invited back to ABC Radio Perth Drive show to talk about Joe Biden. It was less than a week since my interview about Biden’s behaviour for The Signal, ABC Radio Sydney’s news podcast. As I took the call and agreed to the request, I wondered what I’d done with my previous preparation notes.

Although nobody could see my expression, it was one of surprise. My jaw dropped open as I gasped–the notes were in the compost bin. In an instant, it turned to disgust as I remembered a recent intrusion of cockroaches had taken up residence in the compost bin. Yikes! My disgust turned to fear.

Facial Expression of Surprise

Facial Expression of Surprise

Facial Expression of Disgust

Facial Expression of Disgust

Facial Expression of Fear

Facial Expression of Fear

I didn’t have much time and didn’t want to start my preparation from scratch, so I faced my fear and delved deep into the compost bin. Fortunately, the cockroaches reacted with distancing behaviours, scurrying deeper inside–their fear of me was bigger than mine. I managed to retrieve my notes and headed to ABC’s studio.

ABC Interview–Geoff Hutchison and Sophie Zadeh

You can listen to the snippet of the Drive show below, in which Geoff and I discuss:

  • Joe Biden’s body language during the apology

  • Why some people invade the personal space of others

  • Personal space and personal preference

  • How to indicate, politely, that someone is encroaching on our personal space

  • Are there generational differences

  • Why we need to touch

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