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Troubled by accusations of double standards, Lisa Wilkinson's blink rate increases to a whopping 105 blinks per minute!

Another form of eye blocking is blinking. In stressful situations- when faced with something we don't like, our blink rate increases. This is another nonverbal cue that often goes unnoticed. And although not in itself an indicator of deception, an increased blink rate is often seen in people when they lie. 

In the video below, Lisa Wilkinson, from Australia's Today show exhibits an increased blink rate as she responds to co-host, Karl Stefanovic's accusation of her having double standards. As you can see, she blinks fairly rapidly during her response, indicating stress. Her blink rate has increased to a whopping 105 blinks per minute, from her average blink rate of 36 blinks per minutes, when presenting under less challenging circumstances. 

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