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"The part of the brain that controls decision making, doesn't control language", Simon Sinek. So how can we build trust, nonverbally?

This is what your subconscious brain sees when you interact with someone, or if you see them from a distance and you can't see their hands! It may seem a little far fetched, but research shows that the first place we look when we see someone, is their hands.

From an evolutionary perspective this makes sense. Our ancestors, over thousands of years and until relatively recently, needed to know whether the person approaching was a friend or foe. It was a matter of life or death. Is that person carrying a weapon or not? Is my life in imminent danger? Today, most people don't have have this risk to contend with, however we still look at the hands first. Our hands are our biggest trust indicators and if they're not visible- then it just doesn't feel right. 

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