Thumbs Up for Positive Emotions

My Alcomy–Thumbs Up!

When we experience positive emotions, various parts of our body defy gravity and point upwards- our toes, thumbs and eyebrows, to name a few. A good example of toes defying gravity can be seen in this short video of Sean L'Estrange MLA. When he turns to thank Jenny and her team- watch her toes raise, around 30 seconds into the clip, just after Sean says, "I absolutely commend you for that approach and thank you for your efforts".

Next time you feel positive emotions, take note of your own toes and thumbs and see how they point upwards. Observing these gravity defying behaviours in others is a good way of gauging how people really feel about something (their words could be telling you otherwise). Watch out for thumbs raising and falling during conversation, in line with positive emotions and feelings of discomfort (e.g. if an awkward question is thrown in).

And when you greet someone and they flash their eyebrows at you, know they are pleased to see you! The eyebrow flash is one gravity defying behaviour that you can practice as a way of creating a good first impression and building rapport- try this alongside a smile and a handshake in your next business meeting. 

My Alcomy–Eyebrow Flash, Smile and Handshake