The Role of your Body in Eliciting the Truth

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Part two, The Role of your Body in Eliciting Truth, of my article Deception Detection Uncovered; Truth Seeking Through Interrogation, is out now in Australian Security Magazine.

Part one, Identifying Nonverbal Cues, Clues to Dig Deeperlooked at several nonverbal cues that, when seen, alert us to a potential issue; an area in which we should dig deeper in our quest to discover the truth or true feelings. Part two, The Role of your Body in Eliciting Truthexplores the other side of the equation; how you can use your own body language, gesture and expression to facilitate truth seeking. 

When learning about nonverbal communication remember both sides; observing cues in others and your own outward expression, are equally as important in improving interactions and relationships. It's one thing to understand others, but if your own behaviours come across negatively, the interaction won't be as successful as it could be. And vice versa.

Which part do you most enjoy learning about, reading others or focusing on your own behaviour? 

Sophie ZadehComment