Women Take Note... Supercharge Your Vocal Power!

Vocal Power

Use the lower tones of your own natural vocal range to sound more CREDIBLE, SERIOUS and DEPENDABLE. This has a huge impact on the way you are perceived and on your influence.

Though I have to say, the best thing about it, is that it also makes you FEEL more powerful. And there starts your upward spiral of confidence, you'll feel more confident and therefore will convey more confidence. Because, what we do with our body and voice really does change the way we feel, so making small changes to your own vocal power and body language can have an uplifting effect and can ultimately impact your success rates- in all areas of your life. 

Of course this quick tip applies to men too, but what I'm passionate about is empowering women to feel and convey more power in the workforce, in the hope that we'll nudge a little closer to equality.

To find your own natural lowest tone, take a deep breath in then speak on your out breath. Don't overdo it– I hear you all exaggerating it- forget Barry White! You're looking for your OWN NATURAL lowest tone. 

Practise talking in your lower tones and before long it will feel natural. If you're pitching, presenting or negotiating, you really can't afford not to do this. 

Do take note Ladies- although this is important in a professional environment, make sure you still use your (natural) higher tones when it comes to romance ;). And guys- keep it low. 

Come on folks, I challenge you- men and women, try using your lower tones in the workplace and once you feel you've got it, report back and let me know how it worked for you. 

I'll leave you with this short video:
Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher took lessons to make her voice more powerful, listen to before and after her coaching.