The Body Language of Love and Dating...

Okay, we can't give you a love potion as such,

but what we can do is share the body language secrets that can transform your love life!  

When you can't read nonverbal communication signals, it's like wearing a blindfold, you miss the majority of what is being communicated. On the other hand, when you aren't in control of your own nonverbal communication signals, it's like showing up with only half of you.

My Alcomy can help you, providing coaching or training that will help you to...

 Decode Flirting Cues–My Alcomy

Read Body Language & Flirting Signals know when someone likes you

How do you know when someone's into you? Since it’s not often people tell us straight off the bat, “I’m into you”, reading flirting cues is perhaps something we should be more in touch with, instead of always playing the guessing game. The nonverbal cues are always there, you just need to know where to look.

My Alcomy will teach you about some of the nonverbal cues you should be looking for, to know if someone’s interested in you. Once you can identify these cues, you'll have more confidence to take action.

 Present your Best Self–My Alcomy

Present a better version of yourself dazzle your Love Interest

You can increase your personal kerb appeal, just by adapting your body language and expressions. Small tweaks have a big impact! What's more, researchers have found that showing availability and confidence are much more important than being the most attractive person in the room, when it comes to matters of the heart. 

If you are showing the right nonverbal signals, you can dazzle your love interest and become magnetic. Let My Alcomy show you how!


Love & Dating Coaching

My Alcomy offers one to one coaching- in person, or virtually- depending on location. Alternatively, if you have a small group of friends that are also interested, we can offer small group coaching.  We'll work with you in adapting your own body language, so that you're giving out the right signals to others, as well as helping you to read the body language of others. You'll learn the secrets of attraction body language and will be able to build stronger relationships with existing or potential partners. 


Invite My Alcomy to give your clients a head start in their romantic success

This is a fun yet informative session! My Alcomy will tailor a presentation, activities and experiments to suit the needs of your audience. Let's get your audience off to a flying start!