Cat Expressions

Well, it's not just about how much we adore them. There's a reason there's a page about it–we're learning how to code cats facial expressions! 

Animals have facial expressions too. Just like us, their expressions are made up of 'action units' (AU) which are movements created by the activation of several muscles working together. One or more action units are activated to form an expression. 

Human and (some) animal action units are observed and measured using a species-specific coding system. Facial Action Coding System (FACS) is used for humans and CatFACS is used for cats. 

Researchers have studied human expression more than animal expression and it is not yet known whether or not animal expressions have an emotional basis. With humans, we know this is the case with some expressions. We also know that animals do have emotions. Our guess is that some of their facial expressions do have an emotional basis–but that's an assumption. We keep an eye on newly published scientific research and we're waiting and excited for research that gives us more knowledge about animal expression. At the same time. My Alcomy is learning CatFACS–observing action units which can occur in just a fraction of a second. 


Here at My Alcomy, we have curious minds and active imaginations. It thrills us to imagine that at some time in the future we'll be able to accurately know how our feline friends are feeling–more so than the gut feeling that we already have.