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Deception Detection Training

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 My Alcomy's Deception Detection Training

In the dark about deceptive behavioural cues?

Many people associate nose touching, ear pulling, eye contact and eye direction with deception. The truth is, these are not indicative of deception. What's more, the majority of people are only 54% accurate in detecting a lie–including law enforcement professionals. Yet, lies can be significant and potentially damaging for communities, environments and organisations.

We all have the ability to filter our words, but none of us have the ability to conceal involuntary nonverbal cues. When you can observe specific nonverbal cues that signal a misalignment between words and behaviours or an emotional state, you gain additional information and insight into areas of concern–potential deception.

My Alcomy's deception detection training provides both theory and practise–you'll walk away with the ability to observe and decode behaviour. 

My Alcomy's Deception Detection Training

We pride ourselves on our ability to make training interesting and engaging, sharing science awe–not bore, with powerful images and video examples. We'll contextualise training to suit your organisation or event, whether it's law enforcement or a gathering of inquisitive minds. We can offer a 3-day in-depth training for professionals, through to a short overview presentation to satiate the curious. Tell us about your organisation and needs, we'll put the right training together and deliver it with impact. 

What you'll learn?

You'll learn about microexpressions and nonverbal communication cues that point towards deception and reveal hidden emotion. We'll let you practice and test your new knowledge, in a fun way so that you learn how to observe–a skill in itself.

You'll gain the power to spot the red flags of deception, enabling you to adapt your own response so that you can dig deeper and discover the truth. 

We'll expose the behaviours that are the most reliable and telling. Those that say one thing, when words say another and those that convey a specific meaning, such as, "I got away with that"!

But it's also a lot more than that. It will give you insight into behaviours that indicate dislike, discomfort and distress. It will help you to identify vulnerable or at-risk individuals and better support the people you lead or interact with.

Helping you to understand others, in real time, exposing their true emotional response to ongoing stimulus. Ultimately developing your emotional intelligence. 

Ready to shed some light on deception?... 

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 'alcomy' an ancient Scottish tongue variant (16th c.), OF. alcamiealkemie, etc., alchemy.]


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