Eye contact and eye direction are NOT indicators of deception

The worry is, that most people believe eye contact and eye direction indicate deception, it's the biggest myth in body language. And research shows, that as soon as we start to dabble in the area, following inaccurate knowledge or beliefs, our ability to detect deception lowers even further. Less than 54% accuracy! That’s a significantly high number of possible false accusations, which could potentially result in innocent people being convicted. 

Given the severity of the consequences, could it be time for some science-based deception detection training?

Alternatively, you can hand it over to My Alcomy and we can help with your investigations so that you can keep doing the things you're already good at.


Identifying Negative Nonverbal Signals

Whilst this works for most people (professionals, parents, counsellors, etc), if you're in the business of law enforcement or security, you probably need more than this, given that the deception that you deal with is on a different level. Because how you respond to potential deception can have a significant impact on people's lives.

If we're training you in this area, we want to give you the knowledge as well as the skills of observation. We want to give you experience in practising to notice certain cues so that you are ready to start using this skill set straight away.

We also need to know that you and your staff are serious about learning this, because it's powerful, and using it in the wrong way can be dangerous. Remember when people dabble in the area, their ability to detect deception decreases. We don't want that, so we need buy-in that you'll take it seriously and use it wisely.

An average training session for law enforcement professionals, in deception detection, would be over the duration of 3 days. If you're interested in this training please contact My Alcomy, so that we can discuss your needs, to be able to provide you and your staff with the most effective training. 



My Alcomy realises that learning to detect deception can be tough and takes practice, so if you'd prefer, let us do it for you. Experts in observing negative nonverbal signals that point towards deception, we can pinpoint the exact spots that need further investigation and give you insight into what they could mean. We'll analyse your suspect's behaviour and let you know where to seek further evidence or where you need to dig deeper to seek the truth. We prefer to do this via video footage, as video playback, speed options and Layered Voice Analysis technology allows us to 'rock' at what we do. Though if you need us there in person, we can be. Just let us know your needs and we'll with you in seeking the truth.