• Training options can count towards Continued Professional Development activity.
  • Each of these training sessions can be adapted to 90 mins, half-day or full-day. More time, more detail.
  • Two training sessions can be put together over the course of a half-day or full-day.
  • Feel free to tell us what you want and the time you have to invest. We'll adapt to your needs and warn you if it's too much in one go. We don't want to overwhelm.


Healthcare Professionals | Healthcare Assistants | Leaders | Receptionists

Research shows that your first impression is formed within seconds of being seen; before the interaction begins. Once that impression is formed, it’s hard to break, due to confirmation bias. If it’s a positive impression, all your behaviour after that will be viewed in a positive light and vice versa. Awareness of this gives you the ability to create a lasting, positive first impression, just by focusing on your body language and behaviour within those first few seconds. This is incredibly important and attention to this, as you meet clients, will go a long way in improving ongoing relationships, levels of comfort and health outcomes.

 My Alcomy–Professional Development Training for Health Care Workers

What will be covered?

Science and research based on the topic and positive nonverbal behaviours (body language) which: 

  • Establish Trust
  • Build Connection
  • Convey Confidence, Warmth/Approachability, Respect and Interest


Healthcare Professionals | Healthcare Assistants | Executives | Leaders 

Researchers have identified behavioural patterns that create a stellar impression across all interactions. When used in the right way, these behaviours can fuel your success by creating a halo effect around you. Specific nonverbal communication gestures and expressions, that are used in the right way and at the right time can:

 My Alcomy–Professional Development Training for Health Sector Workers
  • Increase connection and bonding 
  • Engage clients
  • Aid understanding and memory recall (of words)
  • Create feelings of comfort

Awareness and adoption of these cues enhance the outcome for all parties. 

What will be covered?

Science and research based on the topic and positive nonverbal behaviours (body language and vocal power) which:

  • Establish Trust and Command
  • Build Connection, Engagement, Influence 
  • Convey Confidence, Credibility, Warmth/Approachability, Respect and Interest
  • Punctuate Speech
  • Inspire


Healthcare Professionals | Healthcare Assistants | Leaders | Future Leaders 

Physiological and (typical) behavioural differences between, and within, the sexes alter how we communicate nonverbally and therefore impact the way we are perceived. For example, vocal tone and height create specific perceptions that are linked to power and authority. Becoming aware of how these differences are perceived, combined with a knowledge of nonverbal behaviour, empowers you to make simple changes that can create stronger feelings of power within yourself, and a solid perception of strength and credibility to those around you. You can do all of this without losing your femininity. 

 My Alcomy–Professional Development Training for Health Care Workers, Empower your Staff

What will be covered?

Science and research based on the topic and positive nonverbal behaviours (body language and vocal power) which: 

  • Create Feelings of Confidence and Power
  • Convey Confidence, Credibility and Authority
  • Assert Command and Influence


Healthcare Professionals | Healthcare Assistants | Leaders | Counsellors

People start to conceal their true emotions from an early age. Not only to fit in with cultural norms, but also to create impressions on others, create benefits for their self and to avoid consequences. Whilst everybody can filter the words they speak, nobody can conceal involuntary nonverbal cues that show misalignment between words and behaviour. Once you know what to look for and get used to observing specific nonverbal signals, you're able to better understand the true feelings of others and better predict outcomes. Because observing these cues gives you an indication as to where there are issues, and exactly where you should dig deeper; as the signal fires in direct response to a stimulus. 

Whilst a lot of people get a gut feeling that something is wrong, based on subconscious interpretations, very few can confirm their hunch with solid observations that clearly signal an issue. This ability improves understanding and empathy, increasing emotional intelligence on the one hand, and can potentially uncover significant issues and avoid adversity, on the other.

What will be covered?

 My Alcomy–Professional Development Training for Health Care Workers, Reading your Patients

Science and research based on the topic and knowledge of negative nonverbal behaviours (body language) which: 

  • Indicate Stress, Vulnerability, Discomfort and Dislike
  • Signal Misalignment Between Words and Behaviour
  • Point Towards Deception



 My Alcomy–Professional Development Package

My Alcomy can tailor make a professional development package to focus on the specific needs of the participants. Typically, this consists of any combination of group training session/s, one-to-one coaching and body language audit. 


  • First Impressions Count
  • The Power of Gesture & the Halo Effect
  • Empowering Women
  • Identifying Negative Nonverbal Signals


  • Are your words and behaviours in alignment, do you look authentic?

  • Are you conveying confidence, credibility, competence and empathy?

  • Do your actions elicit trust, connection and comfort? 

A Body Language Audit is analysis and feedback of a professional within their role. Preferably video footage is analysed, however in some cases, this can also be by direct observation. 

My Alcomy analyse body language and vocal delivery, providing a report with suggestions for improvement, which will feed into content for coaching sessions. 


One-to-one coaching enables My Alcomy to work with participants on areas in need of improvement, as identified in a Body Language Audit or consultation. 



My Alcomy can tailor content in the form of a workshop, bootcamp or team building event, taking into account audience type and size, venue and timing. We can build in any of the content from the training sessions listed above.

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