Anti Bullying

How to use your Body to say, “I’m not your Target.”

Why is it that some people get bullied and others don’t?

As a child, I was bullied for years and now I finally know the real reason why. When we make small tweaks to our body language and vocal quality, we alter the way we're perceived by others. When we convey fear or shame on our face, vulnerability or defeat through our body or lack of confidence in our voice–we signal that we’re an easy target. 

We can change the perceptions of others–and our own internal emotions–just by using our body and voice. And since prevention is better than cure, let's help vulnerable people by giving them a unique and powerful skillset. I can’t go back in time and coach my younger self, but what I can do is share my knowledge to help others avoid being an easy target. I’ll share my experience and teach simple techniques that can make us look and feel more confident and powerful. 

This presentation will help your audience understand the impact of their body language and expression on other people. It will empower them to become aware of their nonverbal communication signals and make small adjustments to protect them from bullying and similar negative encounters.