Detecting Lies

Seeking Truth

Many people associate nose touching, ear pulling, eye contact and eye direction with deception. The truth is they are not indicative of deception.

What's more, most people (including law enforcement) are only 54% accurate in detecting a lie, yet, lies can be significant and potentially damaging to communities, environments and organisations.

In this presentation, your audience will learn the truth about detecting lies. I’ll expose the behaviours that are the most reliable and telling. Those that say one thing, when words say another and those that convey a specific meaning, such as, "I got away with that"!

But it's also a lot more than that–I'll provide insight into behaviours that indicate dislike, discomfort and distress, and expressions that reveal true emotions. Helping your audience to understand others in real time.

They’ll walk away with the ability to identify red flags of deception, enabling them to adapt their response, to dig deeper, and discover the truth.