Reading Body Language

What are your Clients Really Saying?

This presentation covers the importance of understanding the true feelings of others, via the nonverbal communication signals that they convey.

It’s human nature to filter our words and conceal emotion–giving the message we want the receiver to receive, or to fit in with social norms. This type of ‘deception’, whether significant or not, is all around us in our daily lives.

When we learn to observe nonverbal cues, recognising emotion, we can better formulate a more appropriate response. Leading to more positive interactions and elevating our effectiveness in the work that we do, whether it's to increase sales, become a more empathic and effective healthcare worker, teacher or leader.

In this presentation, your audience will learn to identify and understand the meaning of subtle nonverbal cues that indicate truth and emotion. This eye-opening presentation will have your audience walk away with an elevated understanding of communication and the ability to put this into practice to gain greater insight into the thoughts and emotions of others–an entirely new skill set!