Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Fear

Three Simple Techniques

The secret to reduce high levels of stress, anxiety and fear lies within us. An introvert, I was an incredibly shy child. At 16, I scored the lowest grade possible in my English oral exam–I couldn’t get up and speak. At university, for group projects, I'd trade–I'd do all the work if my peers presented it.

I couldn’t 'perform’ because I couldn't get beyond the intensity of the stress. My voice wouldn't come out if my vocal cords were tight. I couldn't stand if my legs were shaky. I couldn't remember what to say if my brain was highjacked–my energy consumed by stress.

Now I speak professionally and confidently. How?

One simple technique that reduces stress both in the moment and over the long term–I breathe. I’ll share my story, explain what happens in our body during stress and how we can regulate, out of sync, autonomic processes simply by breathing.

We’ll then look at two more techniques which use body and voice to create inner feelings of power and confidence.

I’ll show your audience how they can apply these techniques to control their fears and anxieties, empowering them to tackle life's challenges head-on!