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Making a Murderer Analysis is Coming Back

After a pause in publishing Making a Murderer analysis posts, I want you to know I'm still working on it behind the scenes. I haven't forgotten about you and I know how much you love the content– I'm looking into alternative ways I can provide it to you. If you would like updates and exclusive content, please complete the form below. Feel free to tell me how I can best provide you with what you want. 

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Making a Murderer: Pamela Sturm, 'The Chosen One'

Pamela Sturm with her daughter Nikole, found Teresa Halbach’s vehicle on Steven Avery’s property. Sturm takes to the stand and gives her account of what happened. An initial once-over of Sturm’s nonverbal behavioural cues doesn’t bring to light any red flags that point towards deception, unlike many of the witnesses from the prosecution. However, since Sturm is often portrayed by the public as a liar, I decided to look closer and scrutinise her body language and expression to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I have indeed found a couple of red flags. 

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Making a Murderer: FBI's LeBeau and Special Prosecutor Gahn disapprove of the situation they find themselves in

In this post, I want to highlight significant nonverbal cues, that raise red flags, or show misalignment between LeBeau's words and behaviours, during questioning in court, by Norm Gahn (Special Prosecutor, Milwaukee County Assistant Attorney). Gahn, himself, shows a few behaviours that raise red flags. 

Misalignment between words and behaviours are the cues that are the most reliable in deception detection. Because, we all have the ability to hide the truth with our words, but none of us have the ability to hide involuntary nonverbal behaviours, that signal how we actually feel. 

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