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Interview with Impact: First Impressions Count

  • Leadership Institute 164-194 Oxford Street Leederville Australia (map)

About the program

Research shows that it takes seconds to form a first impression, and that impression is lasting. Subconscious and conscious perceptions about a person are created based on their non-verbal behaviour – body language and vocal power (the way a person delivers a message and the words used). Many researchers have concluded the same results – the initial perception created in those first few seconds determines evaluation – the success, or failure, of a person's interview.    

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about what happens to their body and brain as they feel interview stress. They will have the opportunity to learn and practice simple techniques to quell the physiological effects of stress that affects their performance and:

  • how to use their body and voice to increase inner feelings of confidence

  • what signals nonverbal communication cues convey to others

  • which cues are vital to the success of the interview

  • how to create a great first impression

Learning intention

By the end of this workshop, it is intended participants will:

  • have an understanding of their emotional response to stress

  • have the knowledge and techniques to combat stress before and during an interview, empowering them to take back control and to be able to perform at their best

  • have a greater understanding of nonverbal communication cues

  • be able to present their best self, conveying trust, connection, competence and confidence

Target audience

Emerging and middle leaders, aspiring principals and principals.