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Reading Body Language and Microexpressions for Poker Players

  • Dôme Café - Midland 21 Cale Street Midland, WA, 6056 Australia (map)

Wednesday Evening, 25 September 2019

6:30 pm 8:30 pm

Conference Room, Dôme Café - Midland

Early Bird $60

General Admission $100

Reading Body Language and Microexpressions for Poker Players

Making a conscious effort to conceal emotion and facial expression is fairly easy, especially for practised poker players. However, microexpressions, on the other hand, are impossible to conceal–giving the game away to those that spot them.

Microexpressions are involuntary expressions which leak emotion. They occur for a fraction of a second. While these are difficult to spot to an untrained eye, learning to observe them and putting observational skills into practice provides insight that only a few are privy too.

Microexpressions aside, there’s also a whole heap of insight we can gain from observing subtle signals of body language. Each movement of the body, no matter how small, is a response to a thought or emotion–it’s reactive. What’s more, it’s incredibly hard to conceal all body language, some of which is involuntary.

In this workshop, you’ll learn what emotional expression looks like in the body and the face and how to observe it. We’ll look at signals of comfort and discomfort, common emotional expression and body language signals that bring insight into the minds of your opponents.

By the end of the session, you’ll feel enlightened and excited–walking away with new skills and knowledge that when put into practise, can have a profound effect on your game.

Reading body language and emotion is a unique skill set which can be transferred across all areas of your life–romantically, socially and professionally.