Personal Presentation

Nonverbal Communication, Body Language and Vocal Quality

This topic is all about you–the nonverbal communication signals that you send to others. We’ll help you to understand the meaning of innate gestures and expressions and why they are important, so that you can control the way you’re perceived by others. You’ll learn the importance of your ‘first impression’, because research shows that people form their opinion of you within seconds, and that opinion is lasting. We’ll show you how you can elicit trust; build connection; convey competence, reliability, warmth and approachability–just by making small tweaks to your body language and voice. 

We can dig a little deeper and show you how you can improve your personal kerb appeal, become more engaging and convey your message in the way that it is intended, so that those you interact with  have a full understanding of it’s meaning. 

We can show you how to use your body and voice to foster honesty, respect and cooperation from others–this goes hand in hand with our decoding behaviour training that helps you to seek the truth in one-to-one interactions.