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Professional Development

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“I had never been a fan of training, based on previous experience. I found Sophie’s training to be engaging, fun and informative.”

We help you or your team to…

My Alcomy–how to be engaging, influential and charismatic

Be Engaging, Influential and Charismatic

Improve the way people perceive and respond to you, through small changes to your body language and vocal power.

My Alcomy can show you how to observe and read other people

Read Other People

Read nonverbal behaviour and understand how people really feel.

Improve your emotional intelligence, make informed decisions, respond better–and protect yourself from deception.

My Alcomy can show you how to feel more positive and powerful

Feel Positive, Confident and Powerful

Use your body and voice to reduce negative emotion and create inner feelings of strength. Feel empowered–be the best version of you.


Small Changes, Big Impact

Small changes to your body language and voice have a significant influence on how people respond to you.

Your behaviour drives their response.

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“I have invited Sophie to work with a number of groups of school leaders working in public education in Western Australia. All have reported insightful takeaways that have grown their confidence and communication skills in networking, leading staff, engaging parents and working with students.

Professional Development Services

We share fascinating, science-based, secrets of body language, debunking the widespread myths.

We provide simple, practical skills to use straight away.


We deliver PD training and presentations that engage, intrigue and compel people into action. We provide simple, practical skills to use straight away.

My Alcomy's Body Language Audit for Keynote Speakers, Educators and Leaders

Speakers, Educators and Leaders–deliver your message with impact–engage, captivate and influence your audience.

Media Training Perth

My Alcomy with Clarity Communications–delivering professional media training and coaching to organisations in Western Australia

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“Sophie was able to deliver complex and a high volume of information in an easy to understand format. The training was fun and informative.”

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