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 Sophie Zadeh, Speaking Topic–Self Empowerment

Self Empowerment

Powerful by Design

This session can also be aimed towards women, for a Women's Empowerment Session.

No matter how successful we are, most of us, at times, feel lower levels of confidence and imposter syndrome which can ultimately impact our performance. Yet, few people are aware that we're designed with the ability to empower ourselves.

The secret lies within our body! Relatively new research has found that we can alter our emotional state just by making small tweaks to our body language and voice. 

In this presentation, your audience will explore, and experience, the body’s response to emotion and the body-brain feedback loop. We’ll go beyond the ‘power-pose’ to discover how to control and alter emotion, and create inner feelings of positivity and confidence.

We’ll empower your audience to feel confident and regain control of mind and body as they tackle challenging situations. Allowing them to perform at their best. What’s more, these simple changes have a powerful knock-on effect on the way they’ll be perceived by others; creating a solid perception of strength and credibility.

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 'alcomy' an ancient Scottish tongue variant (16th c.), OF. alcamiealkemie, etc., alchemy.]


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