Emotional Wellbeing and Self Empowerment

In this topic, we'll share simple and practical techniques which will help you to create inner feelings of power and assist you in regaining control of your mind and body as you tackle challenging situations, when imposter syndrome kicks in or when your confidence levels drop. You'll gain the power of clarity and focus so that you can present the best version of yourself in these situations.

You'll learn the science behind the body's response to high-stakes situations, like public speaking and interviews, focusing on techniques which combat the feelings of anxiety that ensue. You'll get to explore and understand the body-brain feedback loop, the cycle that feeds-back positive, or negative, emotion and we’ll show you why emotions are so contagious. So that you can empower yourself to alter your emotional state, creating feelings of positivity and confidence, just by adapting your body language and voice. 

You'll also learn how these simple changes have a powerful, positive effect on the way you'll be perceived by others–creating a solid perception of strength and credibility. We can run this topic as a Womens Empowerment session.