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Experts in non-verbal communication, we provide professional development training, body language analysis, statement analysis, and speak at events.

My Alcomy's Communication Services

Want professional development without the flipchart, wordy powerpoint and yawns? My Alcomy delivers engaging, science-backed nonverbal communication training to organisations.

My Alcomy in colaboration with Clarity Communications–delivering professional media training and coaching to organisations and individuals based in Western Australia. 

An investigative tool, examining verbal statements, to reveal hidden information, highlight areas of concern and produce investigative questions–guiding you to the truth.

An investigative tool, examining nonverbal behaviour, to reveal hidden information, highlight areas of concern and produce investigative questions–guiding you to the truth.

Whether it's for law enforcement, HR or a gathering of inquisitive minds, we offer in-depth training for professionals, through to a short overview presentation to satiate the curious. You'll learn how to spot red flags of deception and gain the ability to find the truth. 

Speakers, Educators and Leaders–are you sending the right signals to your audience or students? We'll review your videoed performance, reporting back on what's good at and how to improve. Appear authentic, confident, credible, engaging and influential–ready to elevate your success?

Looking to enhance your kerb appeal, social skills and emotional intelligence? My Alcomy works with people who are ready to improve the way they are perceived by others and their understanding of others. Nonverbal communication training, coaching and consultation. Ready?

My Alcomy in collaboration with Design Cite–creating high functioning, beautiful and engaging websites, that are easy for you to manage–at an affordable cost. We know how daunting it can be to set up a website, so we take the stress out of it for you, working with you to create a site that you love!

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 'alcomy' an ancient Scottish tongue variant (16th c.), OF. alcamiealkemie, etc., alchemy.]


Inspiring and enabling people to use the power of non-verbal communication, to enrich their lives and create positive outcomes.

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