Performance Audit

Performance Audit

  1. Purchase the audit.
  2. Send us a link to a video of you communicating/presenting/teaching.
  3. Book a 1 hour, one-to-one, appointment.
  4. We'll do an audit of your nonverbal communication cues and we'll send you an overview report.
  5. Meet us online for an appointment- we'll give you hows and whys that will take you to the next level! 

Implement your new knowledge and elevate your communication skills to the next level. You'll notice a difference in how people perceive and respond to you and you may even feel a more positive sense of self. 

Already great? We commend you!

We work with people who are great, letting them in on the secrets of what makes them great- so they can do more of it– and gain a new understanding of communication. 

Once you've purchased your audit, schedule your appointment via the link in your order confirmation email.

Then email us a link to your video at least two days before your appointment– that way we can do a thorough job. 



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Terms & Conditions

  • If a suitable date/time cannot be reached, my alCOM.y will offer a full refund.
  • The appointment duration is for a total of one hour.
  • The audit is limited to one client per purchase.
  • The appointment will be held digitally, via internet video chat platform (e.g. Zoom), or in person if within Perth, Australia.
  • The client must have an internet connection to enable internet video chat appointment. 
  • In the event of technology failure and when an alternative option of digital training isn't available (or adequate), the appointment can be postponed.
  • This audit is transferable and not limited to the purchaser– so you can purchase audits for colleagues too!
  • Once an appointment is scheduled, requests to postpone it must be made 24 hours before the start.
  • Clients who don't attend a scheduled appointment, without 24 hours prior notice, will not receive a refund.
  • In the event that a client cannot attend a scheduled appointment and they haven't postponed it 24 hours prior to the session commencement, the client is entitled to transfer the appointment to a colleague, who will receive a one-hour consultation on their choice of topic
  • By purchasing this offer, you are accepting these terms and conditions.