How to Present like a Pro and Win Your Audience

How to Present like a Pro and Win Your Audience


This two-hour, one-to-one, session will give you the skills to present like a pro and win your audience over. Whether you want to inspire your audience into action by influencing their behaviour or create an environment conducive to understanding and learning. 

You'll gain eye-opening insight into how your nonverbal cues influence the perceptions of others, learning how to control your body language, expression and vocal power to achieve your desired outcome. 

Whether you're new to presenting, or a seasoned professional, we know from experience, this session will change the way you 'behave'. You can use your new found skills across all interactions, becoming more likeable, engaging and influential.

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Researchers have identified behavioural patterns in the way that the most popular presenters communicate nonverbally, compared to those that are the least popular.

Research also shows that how you present yourself within the first few seconds, predicts the overall experience and evaluation ratings of your audience. 

In this session, you'll learn how to use your body language, expression and voice to create a great first impression. You'll instantly become more likeable, eliciting trust, connection and engagement with your audience.


You'll learn how to effectively convey your message, aligning your verbal and nonverbal communication, so that you present with authenticity. 

Whether you want to educate, inspire or influence your audience, you'll learn how to present with passion and emotion, creating the right environment to win your audience. 

What's more, the skills you'll learn happen to be the same behaviours that create a stellar impression across all interactions, fuelling your success by creating a halo effect around you. 

Awareness and adoption of these cues in pitching, presenting, educating and leading, enhance the outcome for all parties. 

What will be covered?

Science and research based on the topic and positive nonverbal behaviours (body language and vocal power) which:

  • Establish Trust and Command
  • Build Connection, Engagement, Influence 
  • Convey Confidence, Credibility, Warmth/Approachability, Respect and Interest
  • Punctuate Speech
  • Inspire

This is a two-hour session, via internet conferencing technology.

Terms & Conditions

  • If a suitable date/time cannot be reached, my alCOM.y will offer a full refund.
  • The session duration is for a total of two hours. 
  • The session is limited to one client per session.
  • The session will be held digitally, via internet video chat platform (e.g. Skype), or in person if within Perth, Australia.
  • The client must have an internet connection to enable internet video chat session. 
  • In the event of technology failure and when an alternative option of digital training isn't available (or adequate), the session can be postponed or cancelled.
  • This session is transferable and not limited to the purchaser– so you can purchase sessions for friends or family too!
  • Once a session is scheduled, requests to postpone it must be made 24 hours before the start of the session.
  • Clients who don't attend a scheduled session, without 24 hours prior notice, will not receive a refund for the session.
  • In the event that a client cannot attend a scheduled session and they haven't postponed it 24 hours prior to the session commencement, the client is entitled to transfer the session to a friend, family member or colleague (their choice of topic is not limited to this session topic).
  • By purchasing this offer, you are accepting these terms and conditions.