Steal the Show: Body Language Skills for Young People

Steal the Show: Body Language Skills for Young People


This one-to-one session is aimed at students transitioning into adulthood and preparing for interviews, students who are taking up public speaking or roles in which they need to create a stellar impression.

In this session, students will learn how to make a great impression on others. They'll learn how to elicit trust, build connection, show empathy, respect and credibility.

Skills are incredibly important for interviews and professional interactions but are also applicable across all areas of life. 

    This is a 2-hour session, via the internet.

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    Research shows that first impressions are made within the first few seconds of seeing someone; before the interaction begins. Once that impression is formed, it’s hard to break. This is due to confirmation bias. If it’s a positive impression, all behaviour after that will be viewed in a positive light and vice versa. Awareness of this gives us the ability to create a lasting, positive first impression, just by focusing on our nonverbal body language and behaviour within those first few seconds. This is incredibly important and will give students a skill set that could get them off to a flying start in life.

    What will be covered?

    Science and research based on the topic and positive nonverbal behaviours (body language) which: 

    • Establish Trust
    • Build Connection
    • Convey Confidence, Warmth/Approachability, Respect and Interest

    This is a two-hour session, via internet conferencing technology.

    Terms & Conditions

    • If a suitable date/time cannot be reached, my alCOM.y will offer a full refund.
    • The session duration is for a total of two hours– over one (2-hour) session or two (1-hour) sessions.
    • The session is limited to one client per session unless permission is sought prior to the session. 
    • The session will be held digitally, via internet video chat platform (e.g. Zoom), or in person if within Perth, Australia.
    • The client must have an internet connection to enable internet video chat session. 
    • In the event of technology failure and when an alternative option of digital training isn't available (or adequate), the session can be postponed or cancelled.
    • This session is transferable and not limited to the purchaser– so you can purchase sessions for friends or family too!
    • Once a session is scheduled, requests to postpone it must be made 24 hours before the start of the session.
    • Clients who don't attend a scheduled session, without 24 hours prior notice, will not receive a refund for the session.
    • In the event that a client cannot attend a scheduled session and they haven't postponed it 24 hours prior to the session commencement, the client is entitled to transfer the session to a friend, family member or colleague (their choice of topic is not limited to this session topic).
    • By purchasing this offer, you are accepting these terms and conditions.