Ever feel socially awkward?

 Body Language Secrets for the Socially Awkward–My Alcomy

Even a just a little bit Anxious?

Don't worry My Alcomy can help! 

We can show you how to make small adjustments to your body and voice that will not only make you feel more confident and powerful but will also increase your personal kerb appeal–making you more likeable, socially appealing and charismatic. From there it's an upwards spiral–keep working at it and you'll become a social magnet. 

We offer...

Body Language Coaching

My Alcomy offers one-to-one coaching, in person or virtually, depending on your location. Alternatively, if you have a small group of friends that are also interested, we can offer small group coaching. We'll work with you in adapting your own body language and voice, so that you're giving out the right signals to others, as well as helping you to read and respond to the communication signals of others.

You'll learn the body language secrets that will not only change the way you're perceived but will also change the way you feel. This will really feel like a transformation. You'll feel great!

Body Language Training  

Are your organisation's employees a little socially awkward?

...then why not invite My Alcomy in and treat them to a training session! Between us, we can be discrete–we don't need to suggest to them that they need to brush up on their social skills. My Alcomy can deliver the content from another perspective, giving them the same skill set. You'll end up with the best team in the organisation! 

Okay, so these images are a little exaggerated and posed, I admit. But what I'm getting at, is that how we look, our expressions, gestures and stance all make a huge difference to how we feel and how we are perceived. This matters before we even start to interact–it matters from the moment we are seen. It shouldn't matter, but all the research suggests it does. Why?... Because we all make snap judgements and once a judgement is formed, it's hard to break. Knowing this is powerful because it means we change things to create a good impression. Minor tweaks can lead to major improvements in the way we feel in ourselves and in the way we come across to others. This can ultimately improve our success in all areas of life. 

Researchers have found patterns in the gestures and body language of natural leaders and influencers–people we are automatically drawn towards. These are easy to learn and adopt–the first stage is awareness and the second stage is practice. 

My Alcomy will work with you and your staff and help you all to understand and brush up on what you are communicating nonverbally, you'll learn some neat tricks and simple tweaks that will have a positive impact on your individual staff members, as well as having a wider impact on your organisation. Win-win! 

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