Sophie Halliday Zadeh

Nonverbal Communication Specialist and Founder of My Alcomy

Trainer • Keynote Speaker • Speaker Coach



Nonverbal Communication Specialist and Founder of My Alcomy, Sophie Halliday Zadeh empowers people to take communication to the next level–unlocking the secrets of the body and voice. With her unique and extensive expertise in non-verbal communication, together with her captivating delivery method, Sophie inspires her audience to experience, first hand, the immediate and positive impact of body language and vocal power–providing valuable insights every person can apply to their personal and professional life.

Sophie conveys complex, science-based, content in a way that’s easy to understand, exciting and empowering. She puts this down to her inherent creative flair, over twenty years experience in training and presenting and spending the early years of her career working with children–when you can explain concepts to children, most adults should also grasp them.

Driven by awe and obsession with her topic and a passion for sharing it to help people achieve and improve, Sophie works with executives and leadership teams from government and industry giants, including Woodside, PwC, Commonwealth Bank, Northern Star and Alcoa. She coaches public speakers, TEDx presenters and educators, helping them to convey their message with impact. Sophie works voluntarily on projects for the public good; these include assisting criminal investigations, training/workshops to empower women and for the Department of Justice. 

Sophie has worked with TED-Ed, creating an animated lesson–Are There Universal Expressions of Emotion? She has written for or had work published in Australian Security Magazine, The West Australian, NW Magazine, Yahoo News, Foxtel Networks, The Daily Mail and a college/university textbook and online resource. She has appeared on ABC Drive Perth, The Signal ABC Sydney, Slice TV and the WASMA Mining and Resources Podcast.

Sophie is incredibly passionate about her topic and what she enjoys most, is watching her audience let down their guard, open up and become excited about it too. Her mission is to enrich their lives and create positive outcomes. 

When she’s not at work, people watching or trying to solve a murder; she’ll be saving the planet, being creative or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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