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Statement Analysis

Want to glean more information about a suspect, client or potential employee?


Statement Analysis

An Investigative Tool–Examining Spoken or Written Words

Statement analysis can reveal a host of hidden information, highlight areas in which to investigate further and produce investigative questions.

Statement Analysis

Who’s it for?

Criminal Investigations | Corporate Investigations | High Stakes Job Applicants | Government Investigations | Internal Investigations | Media–News/Entertainment 

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Statement Analysis

How it Works

Statement analysis involves detailed analysis of spoken words or a written statement, to glean additional information and highlight areas of concern.

It narrows down on word choice, structure and content of statements. It looks at the use of tense, unusual or unique words, nouns, verbs, pronouns, the order of words/structure–to name just some.

A large amount of hidden information can be discovered.

Statement analysis is sometimes called investigative discourse analysis or scientific content analysis.


Statement Analysis

What can be determined?

  • Whether information is withheld–lies of omission

  • Detect red flags–possible deception

  • Hints towards the truth

  • Preferences–likes and dislikes (for example, dislike of a specific individual)

  • Personality traits

  • Contradictions and deviation from baseline

  • Emotion within context–or lack of it

  • Potential involvement of others

  • Stalling for time

  • Information avoidance

  • New lines of investigation or questioning

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 Statement Analysis

3 steps to the truth

  1. Send us a recording, transcript or written statement.

  2. We'll analyse it and send you an in-depth report, highlighting areas of concern and potential deception, and additional hidden information about your suspect/case. 

  3. You, as the investigator, use the new, specific information to conduct further lines of inquiry.

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