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Professional Development Training

Want an interesting topic that engages and inspires your team, with a beneficial impact on your organisation?


Engage . Learn . Develop

My Alcomy’s training sessions are designed and delivered using neuroscience and psychology principles that optimise engagement and learning.

Science-Backed Content

We share science-based insight and knowledge, debunking widespread body language myths.

Your team will learn the fascinating secrets of the body and voice and how they can use them to empower, engage and influence. They’ll walk away with practical techniques and an understanding of why these are crucial for successful interactions.

Once they put these into practise they will become:

  • Better communicators

  • More confident

  • More engaging, charismatic and approachable

  • More understanding of others

  • Better presenters

Skills essential for emotional intelligence, influence and leadership.

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“I highly recommend Sophie as a trainer and speaker because she will hook your audience and will keep them entertained in addition to providing them with a wealth of knowledge that they will be able to apply immediately to their business and personal lives.”

What do we teach?

Our training stems from three key topics. We collate content from one or more of these areas, creating training contextualised to fulfil the needs of your team or organisation.

Three Key Topics

My Alcomy–how to be engaging, influential and charismatic

Presenting Your Best Self

This area is all about the signals you send to others. You'll learn the secrets of positive and powerful nonverbal cues which elicit feelings of trust, connection and competence–primary influencers. As well as nonverbal cues that show empathy, engagement and respect.

My Alcomy can show you how to observe and read other people

Reading and Understanding People

This area is all about understanding others. You'll gain significant insight into people’s thoughts and emotions. You’ll understand how people really feel, becoming a better and more empathic listener. You’ll be empowered to offer better responses, improving your emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

My Alcomy can show you how to feel more positive and powerful


We'll show you how to use your body and voice to feel confident and quell negative emotion. Use these techniques over time and you'll become confident–experiencing the powerful impact of being perceived more positively.

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“Sophie is an outstanding trainer! She is an out of the box thinker and uses her creativity to make her training fun and engaging which makes it more memorable and meaningful.”

We’re good at delivering training.

So much so, that we’ve started to share our secrets in a training session!

In a nutshell, we create and deliver our content, using techniques drawn from the psychology and neuroscience of learning. This increases engagement, understanding and retention of information.

We combine this with nonverbal skills that engage, influence and motivate.

Our trainees have an enjoyable training experience and are better able to process and learn the information delivered.

Who is this training session for?

Anyone who delivers content–teachers, trainers and presenters.

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“Your professional development session on nonverbal communication was probably the best PD I have attended in my time as a teacher in WA. Thank you for the skills you have taught me that will optimise my performance as a teacher.”

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