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Professional Development Training

 My Alcomy Training for Organisations

Want an interesting topic that engages your team–and has a hugely beneficial impact on your business or organisation? 

Science-backed content. Science awe–not bore!

My Alcomy delivers science-based content and techniques in an engaging way. We explain the science simply and succinctly–in a 'story', so it's interesting, engaging and easy for your team to understand. They'll know how to use it to their advantage and can immediately put the knowledge to good use.

Participatory Activities–but not for activities sake.

We include simple participatory activities which give your team an opportunity to experience and practise, first hand, the interesting effects that the body can have on their emotions and on the way they are perceived by others.

We don't like clichéd activities that trainers throw in for the sake of ticking the 'participation' box. And we'll never put team members on the spot or single them out because we know this can be a negative experience for many–it hinders learning. 

Real-life Stories

We teach through stories, sharing real-life experiences so that your team engage and relate. Even the scientific studies we explain, are shared as stories!

Images not Words

We know the power of nonverbal communication so we use few words throughout our slide presentation. We use powerful imagery and videos that complement the message, instead of distracting from it. 

Open Door

We offer an open door for all participants to keep in touch, ask us anything and clarify understanding of what we taught them–even if it's years later!

Work for a good cause?

When we can we offer freebies–get in touch!

What we Cover

Our topics fit into three distinct areas. Each training session we deliver is contextualised to suit the needs of your group. With your organisation and preferences in mind, we pick and chose content from these areas to give you what you want and need. Some sessions combine elements from different areas, some dig deep into one area. 

You can check out our SHOP or our Speaker page for some examples of popular topics–all of which cover combined content from the three key areas below. 

My Alcomy Teaches 3 Key Areas...

Presenting Your Best Self

This area is all about the signals you send to others. You'll learn the secrets of positive and powerful nonverbal cues which elicit feelings of trust, connection and competence–primary influencers. As well as nonverbal cues that show empathy, engagement and respect. 

We'll also explain which nonverbal cues you should avoid–the cues that are disconcerting and off-putting to others.

Self Empowerment

This area is all about you and your well-being. We'll show you how to use your body and voice to feel more confident and quell negative emotion. You'll practise the techniques and feel the benefits. 

We want you to feel comfortable and powerful enough to tackle work's challenges. The positive knock-on effect is that you'll be perceived by others as relaxed and confident. Use these techniques over time and you'll become confident.

Decoding Behaviour

This area is all about understanding others. You'll gain significant insight into their thoughts and emotions, enabling you to offer a more appropriate response and safeguard against deception.

Whilst sentences are deliberately constructed to give specific messaging,  involuntary nonverbal behaviour is more honest and reliable in pinpointing potential deception or areas of concern. You'll gain eye-opening insight into human behaviour!



ACO Australia

Clarity Communications

Commonwealth Bank

Curtin Education Community

Department of Education, Institute for Professional Learning

Department of Education, North Metropolitan Regional Education Office

Northern Star Resources Limited

PwC Australia

Western Australian Secondary Teaching Administrators Association (WASTAA)

Western Australian Secondary Teaching Administrators Association (WASTAA)

Western Australian Education Support Principal and Administrators' Association (WAESPAA)

Western Australian Primary Principals' Association (WAPPA)

Woodside Petroleum Limited

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Want to see more sample training and presentation topics? Check out My Alcomy's speaking topics.

My Alcomy cuts the fluff, debunks the myths and focuses on the science.

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A knowledge of nonverbal communication gives you...

  • Control over how you are perceived
  • Influence over the behaviour of others
  • Control over how you feel
  • Understanding the feelings of others
 Engage your Audience with the Power of Body Language–My Alcomy

That's powerful stuff! 

Imagine having the power to walk into a high stakes situation (an interview, a negotiation, a pitch or presentation) armed with a stellar impression, an arsenal of influential behaviours and confidence. And, at the same time understanding how your audience feels about what you're saying and doing.


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 'alcomy' an ancient Scottish tongue variant (16th c.), OF. alcamiealkemie, etc., alchemy.]


Inspiring and enabling people to use the power of non-verbal communication, to enrich their lives and create positive outcomes.

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