Joe Biden's Creepy Behaviour, The Signal, ABC Radio's News Podcast

Yesterday, the team from The Signal, ABC Radio’s news podcast, asked me for my thoughts on Joe Biden’s behaviours, after his video ‘apology’.

When I looked into it, I was surprised at the what I saw. We’re talking, nuzzling into and sniffing hair, kissing hair, head, face or lips, and getting intimately close–with women. Women who he was not in an intimate relationship with. I wasn’t surprised to see some of these women–and sometimes girls–recoil.

The Signal team asked me about differences in behaviours across generations. They were interested to hear what I though of Biden’s behaviours, his sense of personal boundaries and what my advice to him would be.

You can hear me talking to Ange and Stephen from The Signal, in the latter part of When touchy feely gets creepy.

If you struggle with understanding boundaries in regards to personal space and appropriate behaviours, feel free to shoot me a line.