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Sophie is currently based in Perth, Australia, but travels internationally for speaking and training events. She also conducts one-to-one training and coaching sessions via online conferencing technology. 

Sophie Halliday Zadeh

Nonverbal Communication Specialist and Founder of My Alcomy

Trainer • Keynote Speaker • Speaker Coach

Nonverbal Communication Specialist and Founder of My Alcomy, Sophie Halliday Zadeh empowers people to take communication to the next level–unlocking the secrets of the body and voice. With her unique and extensive expertise in non-verbal communication, together with her captivating delivery method, Sophie inspires her audience to experience, first hand, the immediate and positive impact of body language and vocal power–providing valuable insights every person can apply to their personal and professional life.

Sophie is incredibly passionate about her topic and what she enjoys most, is watching her audience let down their guard, open up and become excited about it too. Her mission is to enrich their lives and create positive outcomes. 

When she’s not at work, people watching or trying to solve a murder, Sophie will be saving the planet, being creative or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

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Lee Halliday Zadeh

Lee Halliday Zadeh

Lee plays a part behind the scenes at My Alcomy. Taught by Sophie, Lee has learned to read body language and facial expressions of emotion. Analysing split-second nonverbal signals is easier with two sets of eyes, while Sophie scrutinises one area of the body, Lee examines another. As you can imagine not much goes unnoticed in the Halliday Zadeh household!

Lee works full time as a Specifications Rep for a drainage company, but his huge input and support behind the scenes at My Alcomy deserves credit.

In his downtime, you’ll find Lee being funny, running on Perth’s trails or also cooking up a storm in the kitchen.