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Experts in non-verbal communication, we provide professional development training, body language analysis, statement analysis, and speak at events.


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We're passionate about improving the way you interact and communicate nonverbally. 

We can show you how to:

 My Alcomy can help you improve the way you communicate

Improve the way you communicate

Become more engaging, influential and charismatic–just by adapting your body language and vocal power. Captivate your audience whether it’s at work or at play.

 My Alcomy can show you how to read other people

Observe and read other people

Learn the meaning of nonverbal behaviour to understand how people really feel. Improve your emotional intelligence and empower yourself to give a better response and protect yourself from deception.

 My Alcomy can help you to feel more positive and powerful

Feel more positive and powerful

Learn how to use your expression, body and voice to quell negative emotion and gain feelings of power and confidence. Empower yourself and become the best version of yourself.


My Alcomy shares the fascinating secrets of nonverbal behaviour, leaving you with practical skills you can use straight away.

We cut the fluff and debunk widespread body language myths, focusing on science-based knowledge and insight. Our training and presentations are intriguing and compelling.

We’ll pique your curiosity and show you how to make small tweaks to your body language and voice. Because we believe that you should be privy to the superpower that lies within you. We know from experience that a little knowledge and a bit of practice can transform your life.

“We approached Sophie Zadeh as she has the unique expertise to deliver training in the science of Body Language. 

Sophie has delivered two programs, the first on deception detection for school leaders aimed at improving their investigation techniques, the second focusing on the use of body language to enhance success for women in leadership.

Participant feedback from both programs was overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of the evidence and research based content and Sophie’s high quality, engaging and authentic presentation skills.

I have, and will continue to recommend Sophie to any organisation looking for professional learning and or coaching in the science of Body Language.

— Dean Finlay, Principal, Ocean Road Primary School

The Power of Body Language

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