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My Alcomy–Body Language & Nonverbal Communication Specialists

We share body and voice hacks to help you manage stress and anxiety, feel more confident and positive, create a great impression, and understand the emotions of others. 

01- Professional/Personal Development

Training, Speaker Coaching, Body Language Coaching & Body Language Audit

We offer professional development–training and coaching for individuals and organisations who want to learn, improve and succeed. We help people to:

  • Become engaging, charismatic and influential

  • Read body language

  • Feel confident and empowered

  • Develop and deliver messaging and content with impact–optimising engagement, learning, motivation and influence

  • Develop vocal quality

  • Manage stress and anxiety

  • *Understand and express authentic body language and expression (*actors)

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02- Keynote Speaker

Sophie Halliday Zadeh speaks about the power and science of body language and nonverbal communication:

  • Detecting Lies

  • Self Empowerment

  • Personal Presentation

  • Reading Body Language

  • First Impressions

  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Fear

  • Anti Bullying

  • Attitude and Behaviour

03- Body Language Analysis & Statement Analysis to Detect Lies

We help individuals and organisations, such as law enforcement and HR, detect lies–through body language analysis and statement analysis techniques.

Statement Analysis

Examination of spoken or written words to detect lies.

Body Language Analysis

Examination of body language, emotional expression and microexpressions to detect lies.

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—Dean Finlay


Ocean Road Primary School

“We approached Sophie Zadeh as she has the unique expertise to deliver training in the science of Body Language. 

Sophie has delivered two programs, the first on deception detection for school leaders aimed at improving their investigation techniques, the second focusing on the use of body language to enhance success for women in leadership.

Participant feedback from both programs was overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of the evidence and research based content and Sophie’s high quality, engaging and authentic presentation skills.

I have, and will continue to recommend Sophie to any organisation looking for professional learning and or coaching in the science of Body Language.


Stance . Gesture . Emotional Expression . Micro Expressions . Quality Voice . Visual Communication . Personal Presentation


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Australian Security Magazine
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Curtin Education Community
Department of Education, Leadership Institute
Department of Education, North Metropolitan Regional Education Office
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Northern Star Resources Limited
NW Magazine
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St John of God Midland Public Hospital
TEDx Perth
Daily Mail (Australia & UK)
The West Australian
Western Australian Education Support Principal and Administrators' Association (WAESPAA)
Western Australian Primary Principals' Association (WAPPA)
Western Australian School of Mines Alumni (WASMA) Podcast
Western Australian Secondary Teaching Administrators Association (WASTAA)
Western Australian Secondary Teaching Administrators Association (WASTAA)
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