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Experts in non-verbal communication, we provide professional development training, body language analysis, statement analysis, and speak at events.


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Welcome to My Alcomy

We're passionate about improving the way you interact and communicate nonverbally. 

My Alcomy shares science based knowledge and insight...

Because we believe that you should be privy to the superpower that lies within you. We know from experience that a little knowledge and a bit of practice can transform your life.

We'll help you to make minor adjustments to your body language and voice, to give you control over what you communicate to others, as well as sharing the secrets that will help you to feel more powerful.

We'll also help you to understand the true feelings of others so that you know when they need help, or when they're being dishonest.

You'll improve your interactions, influence, personal kerb appeal, understanding and empathy–helping you to achieve success in your goals, across all areas of your life.

The Power of Body Language

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