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Event Speaker, Sophie Halliday Zadeh


“Sophie is a charismatic presenter. The two hours flew because it was so interesting and eye opening.”

Sophie Halliday Zadeh

Body Language Specialist & Founder of My Alcomy

Speaker . Trainer . Coach

Driven by a passion for helping people achieve goals, Sophie works with clients to improve the way they interact and communicate.

With over twenty years of experience in training and presenting, to people of all ages and abilities, her diverse background combined with an inherent creative flair enables her to engage her audience and deliver practical, insightful training and presentations.

Sophie shares this insight, along with science-based body language secrets to inspire and empower people to use the power of nonverbal communication to enrich their lives and create positive outcomes.

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 Sophie Halliday Zadeh, Event Speaker, My Alcomy
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“Sophie Zadeh’s expertise in non-verbal communication and her engaging presentation style provides valuable insights every person can apply to their personal and professional life.”

Speaking Topics

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–Deception Detection: Seeking Truth

Deception Detection

Seeking Truth

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–Decoding People: What are your Clients Really Saying?

Decoding People

What your Clients are Really saying?

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–Self Empowerment: You're Powerful by Design

Self Empowerment

You’re Powerful by Design

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–First Impressions: Your Split Second Opportunity for Success

First Impressions Count

Your Split Second Opportunity for Success

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–Quell Fear and Anxiety: One Simple Technique


Fear and Anxiety

Three Simple Techniques

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–Altering Perceptions: Communicate with Impact for Power and Influence

Altering Perceptions

Communicate with Impact–Engage & Influence

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–Attitude and Emotion: Effects of Nonverbal Behaviour on the Reputation of your Organisation

Attitude and Emotion

Nonverbal Behaviour and the Reputation of your Organisation

Event Speaker, Sophie Zadeh–The REAL Reason I was Bullied: How to Avoid Being an Easy Target

Avoiding the Bully

How to use your Body to say, “I’m not your Target.”

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“Participant feedback from both programs was overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of the evidence and research based content and Sophie’s high quality, engaging and authentic presentation skills.”

Recent Events

Curtin Education Community–Learning2Learn Conference 2018

Institute for Professional Learning, Department of Education

Woodside Oil and Gas

Northern Star

WASTAA Conference–Middle Managers Matter

WAESPAA Annual Conference 2017

WAPPA Women in Education Leadership Forum

Willetton Senior High School Development Day

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“Sophie Zadeh has an innate ability to identify and help you uncover your very own superpowers! With her extensive knowledge of body language and non-verbal communication together with a captivating delivery method, Sophie inspires you to experience first hand the immediate and positive impact body language can have, both personally and professionally.”

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