For reasons of privacy and the comfort of our clients, some components of their personal details may have been omitted.

Sophie is a charismatic presenter. The two hours flew because it was so interesting and eye opening.

I have become very aware of my blocking behaviours. Hopefully in my next interview I will be able to successfully use what Sophie has shown me.

Thank you.
— Gelsa Dagostino, Primary School Teacher

Your professional development session on nonverbal communication was probably the best PD I have attended in my time as a teacher in WA. Thank you for the skills you have taught me that will optimise my performance as a teacher.
— Bill Ellis, Teacher, Ashdale Primary School

Sophie has been a great help. I’ve always closed people off and been unapproachable (been told this by strangers and loved ones) after our session and me becoming more aware of my body language, I noticed people approaching me more and being more talkative. For example, a guy in shopping centre wanting people to sign me up for monthly donations. Even though I declined he still spoke to me and talked about his kids and some fun facts etc.
It definitely makes a difference being more aware. Even in myself, I feel more confident and open.
— Dianne Marshall, Counsellor (in training)

– Vanessa Van Edwards, Behavioural Investigator, Science of People, US

Sophie Zadeh’s expertise in non-verbal communication and her engaging presentation style provides valuable insights every person can apply to their personal and professional life.

I have invited Sophie to work with a number of groups of school leaders working in public education in Western Australia. All have reported insightful takeaways that have grown their confidence and communication skills in networking, leading staff, engaging parents and working with students.
— Renae Hill, Department of Education, WA

We approached Sophie Zadeh as she has the unique expertise to deliver training in the science of Body Language.

Sophie has delivered two programs, the first on deception detection for school leaders aimed at improving their investigation techniques, the second focusing on the use of body language to enhance success for women in leadership.

Participant feedback from both programs was overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of the evidence and research based content and Sophie’s high quality, engaging and authentic presentation skills.

I have, and will continue to recommend Sophie to any organisation looking for professional learning and or coaching in the science of Body Language.
— Dean Finlay, Principal, Ocean Road Primary School

I just want to thank you for all the help you provided me to understand myself better, and how can I improve my personability. What I learnt from you has definitely helped me and I am sure will continue to help forever and for that, I am greatly thankful to you. I can feel a very positive difference after practising what I learnt from you.
— Hameed, Lawyer

Sophie is an outstanding trainer! She is an out of the box thinker and uses her creativity to make her training fun and engaging which makes it more memorable and meaningful. Sophie always comes prepared, does extensive research before each training, and tailors each presentation to the client’s needs. I highly recommend Sophie as a Body Language and Micro-expressions trainer and speaker because she will hook your audience and will keep them entertained in addition to providing them with a wealth of knowledge that they will be able to apply immediately to their business and personal lives. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Sophie for your next event!
— Dr. Shana Compton, Body Language and Microexpressions Expert

I have partnered with Sophie to coach high performing executives in the art of presentation and body language. Her knowledge of her subject matter is excellent. She has the research to support her findings and can offer advice in a positive, constructive manner. For most individuals in an executive role, the secrets of body language are empowering and exciting. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to boost their interpersonal skills.
— Kellie Hasluck, Director, Clarity Communications

Sophie provided my sales team training on the finer points of verbal and nonverbal communication when dealing with customers and their colleagues. She was a delight to deal with and kept everyone engaged. I would strongly recommend using her within your own business.
— Ben Williams, WA State Manager, ACO Polycrete

I had the pleasure of having one to one training with Sophie on numerous occasions. Sophie was able to deliver complex and a high volume of information in an easy to understand format. The training was fun and informative. Sophie has an empathetic style, tailoring the training to my skills and knowledge, never making me feel overwhelmed or anxious. I walked away from the training feeling competent and ready to face my new role within the organisation. From my experience of 20 plus years of sales, I highly recommend Sophie as one of the few trainers who has been able to change her style to meet the needs of the individual and has given me new skills and renewed confidence in a high end sales role.
— Warren, Sales Executive

I had never been a fan of training, based on previous experience. I found Sophie’s training to be engaging, fun and informative. I would recommend Sophie to any potential clients.
— Lee, Specifications Representative

Sophie Zadeh has an innate ability to identify and help you uncover your very own superpowers! With her extensive knowledge of body language and non-verbal communication together with a captivating delivery method, Sophie inspires you to experience first hand the immediate and positive impact body language can have, both personally and professionally.

If you are lucky enough to be trained by Sophie like I was, you’re in for a real treat. An expert in her field, an insightful and inspiring trainer, with a genuine desire to help her clients reach their goals, Sophie is the key to living a more empowered life.

I for one am now experiencing new levels of confidence, courage and impact that has up-leveled my life far beyond my expectations. Thank you, Sophie!
— Nerida, Graphic Designer

Sophie is an amazing trainer, I was lucky enough to have one on one training with her. It’s like chatting with a friend! You’ll be amazed at how much body language influences your day to day life. Sophie’s workbook is the perfect learning tool to help you understand each sector and every activity is simple and fun!
— Angela Naumovska, University Student

Sophie has that rare blend of professionalism and strategic focus combined with best practice delivery within Training I would recommend any enterprise and/or colleague try to work with Sophie if you only wish to work with genuine professionals as I do.
— Rachel Burton, Program Manager at Navitas